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I’ve received a call from one of my buyers this afternoon, she is considering to upgrade from superlink house to semi d in Ambang Botanic, which most of the superlink house owner dream of!!

I really enjoy the chat with either buyer or owner, they teach me a lot, and i got the chances to share my point of view about the current property market, whether in Ambang Botanic, or whole Klang property market.

She is the owner of superlink house, 26×75, basic unit, she asked me whether her house can sell up to RM850,000. I told her frankly that there are 2 fully renovated units in Ambang Botanic 1 for sell at the moment, both asking for RM850,000.  (Please have a look of one of the nice house here.)

Honestly, for this beautiful house, RM850,000 is a bit high than it should be. About 4 months ago, I’ve sold a unit, fully extended at the kitchen, with full sets of branded kitchen cabinet, built in wardrobe, airconds, lightning, fans, selling price at RM800,000, which the bank value is only RM750,000, RM50,000 short from the selling price. Buyer that plan to buy this house, has to fork out RM125,000 cash, not including legal fees, which is more than RM20k.

For this RM850,000 superlink house, I can only target the buyer that has more than RM150,000 cash in hand. Obviously, the people that got this kind of money will definitely go for brand new semi-d, which is asking for RM1.33mil.

Semi-d vs Superlink house, of course, rich people will go for semi-d, if not bungalow!!


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