New Outlook for Ambang Botanic 2

Ambang Botanic 2 has stand up a new stone recently, which consider as an elegant design, simple yet natural.This starts the count down of the completion of Ambang Botanic 2, which expected middle of this year for Superlink house.

I can feel the heat of Ambang Botanic 2 from last week. Investors and buyers started to enquire the prices and also the demands of this new gated & guarded residential area in Klang. Ambang Botanic 2 definitely will be the next target for the people that looking forward to move in a safer area in Klang.

So far, what will be the response for the Ambang Botanic 2?

Due to short supply and also high price in Ambang Botanic 1, especially for the superlink house(basic unit start from RM750,000), people tend to look at Ambang Botanic 2, which the entrance ticket to Ambang Botanic only start from RM690,000.(Here)

But frankly speaking, I don’t think that valuation of Ambang Botanic 2 is cheaper compare to Ambang Botanic 1. One thing is size of Superlink house in Ambang Botanic 1 (26×75) is bigger compare to Ambang Botanic 2 (24×75) , and also rumors said that, you wouldn’t expect the landscaping in Ambang Botanic 2  better than Ambang Botanic 1. Some more in location wise, Ambang Botanic 1 is better than Ambang Botanic 2. But if you like your house closer to Highway, than that will be a totally different story.

Look from the outside, the structure for Enya Superlink House(24×75) & Reika Semi-d(36×82.5) is almost 70% there. We expect transaction will become more and more active after Chinese New Year.

By the way, Emily will go for holidays for next few days, just drop me an email at if you want to talk!!

Wish Every one a prosperous Dragon Year!! GONG XI FA CAI!!


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